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Questions and answers about truck weight capacities

Q. What is my vehicle's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?

Q. How is GVWR determined?

Q. Where do I find a vehicle GVWR?

Q. What is rated cargo load?

Q. What is Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR)

Q. What is towing capacity?

This site includes a Free VIN decoder to GVWR. The data also Identifies whether the truck is manufactured from the factory as complete or incomplete. If it is incomplete then it receives a body from an up fitter or dealer post truck factory.

THIS WEB SITE IS DESIGNED FOR YOU TO DECODE YOUR VIN                                                                                                          Answers about truck weight capacities

A. GVWR is assigned to each specific vehicle by the manufacturer. It is the total load carrying capacity including weight of vehicle with maximum capacity of all fluids necessary for operation, passengers [150 pounds per seating capacity] and payload.

A. GVWR is found on a sticker affixed to the frame of the driver door by the manufacturer. There may be a secondary sticker with a new weight rating if a modifier has changed the GVWR.

A. Rated cargo load is the GVWR minus the weight of the vehicle.

A. GCWR is the total allowable combined weight limit that the tow vehicle and trailer together is rated for by the manufacturer.

A. Maximum Trailer Weight Rating is assigned by the vehicle manufacturer and is the maximum amount of weight you can confidently and safely trailer. MTWR is affected by engine horsepower and torque, axle ratio, wheelbase length, transmission type, cooling capacity etc..

Truck manufacturers, by law, assign certain numbers and/or letters to the VIN that corresponds to a specific weight rating range. The program behind this interface searches more than a million data points in order to populate the table with the range for your specific truck. Some truck data providers supply only the base GVWR for a certain model truck and don’t take into consideration the extensive customization that is common in the commercial truck industry. This web site showcases the talents of our data analysts and programmers. We license the data files used to populate this VIN decoder and can show you how to build your own proprietary VIN decoder using our files. We can process hundreds or hundreds of thousands of VINs and return to you the information decoded on this site. The marketplace is dynamic and current data is added regularly. At last check we decoded 99.88 % of all valid VINs run through this web site. Please Contact us using the attached form.